1. Education:
Wroclaw University of Economics, Master 1993-1998, MA, 1998
Wroclaw University of Economics, Ph.D. 1998-2002.
2. Scientific degrees and titles:
Ph.D. in economics, specialization in Finance
3. The achievements of research:
Author of more than 80 works (complete, single authorship) published home and abroad in refered journals, refered chapters of monogaphs or monographs (including 6 articles in refered journals featured in the Journal Citation Report, 12 papers indexed in Web of Knowledge/Web of Science, 5 monographs, 2 textbooks and co-author of 3 textbooks).
Research work started under the guidance of Professor Wieslaw Pluta. The theme was the problem of financial liquidity. This work was supported by KBN grant: 5 H02D 046 21. The results are summarized in a dissertation The value of liquidity in the current financial management (Wartość Płynności w Bieżącym Zarządzaniu Finansami in Polish) defended in 2002.
Theses of that dissertation were published as a monograph in 2004 by CeDeWu in Warsaw, and some year later in the revised and expanded edition Strategic liquidity management (Strategiczne zarządzanie płynnością in Polish) in 2010 by CeDeWu in Warsaw.
After defending his doctoral thesis my findings were concerned on the problem of the existence and significance of the impact of decisions and actions of companies in the current assets management to the value of the firm. The first step to understanding the financial relationships in the enterprise, it was for me to study on the company’s financial strategy and processes related to financial management in the enterprise. The result of this work was the preparation and publication of three monographs: Fundamentals of financial management of enterprises (WSZ Education, Wroclaw 2003), Financial business strategies, (WSZiA Opole 2004), Short-term capital management, (CH Beck, Warsaw 2005, co-author of 20%: W. Pluta, G. Michalski: 80%) and the issue the Lexicon of financial management (CH Beck, Warsaw 2004). Then I became interested in the issue related to the analogous relations taking place in firms, depending on their size. This resulted in work related to the analysis of financial decision-making processes taking place in small and medium-sized enterprises. After some time I became a supporter of the view that a more appropriate in the Polish conditions may be to divide separating the micro and small enterprises (M&ME) from medium and large view. As a result of these investigations into two monographs: Liquidity in small and medium enterprises (WN PWN, Warsaw 2013) and Financial success for microfirm, (CH Beck, Warsaw 2007, 50% of the co-author: K. Prędkiewicz, G. Michalski: 50 %).
In next years, as a result of continuing research on the role of financial management in the decisions that shape the value of the company, were further monographic items, such as Financial Evaluation of the Firm based on Financial Statements (ODDK, Gdańsk 2008), Financial Strategies Enterprises (ODDK, Gdańsk 2009), Introduction to Management of Corporate Finance (CHBeck, Warsaw, 2010), Strategic management of liquidity (CeDeWu, Warsaw, 2010).
4. Teaching:
University of Economics in Wroclaw (Wroclaw University of Economics):
PhD student 1998 – 2002
Research Assistant 2002 – 2003
Assistant Professor from 2003
Academy of Management and Administration in Opole:
Assistant Professor from 2005-2012
Training and consultancy for businesses in cooperation with numerous national and international training and consulting companies:
Coach / Business Consultant since 2005 (list of references: http://szkoleniazfinansow.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/michalski-grzegorz-2013referencje-szkolenia-z-finansow20130208.pdf )
5. Activities in scientific journals:
Journal of Corporate Treasury Management (JCTM) ISSN 1753-2574
A member of the editorial committee (Editorial Board)
Journal of Problems and Perspectives in Management (PPM) ISSN 1727-7051
A member of the editorial committee (Editorial Board)
Australasian Accounting Business & Finance Journal (AABFJ) ISSN: 1834-2000
A member of the editorial committee (Editorial Board)
International Journal of Information Processing and Management (IJIPM), ISSN: 2093-4009
A member of the editorial committee (Editorial Board)
International Journal of Economics and Business Research (IJEBR) ISSN: 1756-9850
A member of the editorial committee (Editorial Board)
6. Membership in scientific organizations:
American Finance Association (AFA)
Slovak Society for Operations Research (SSOR)
7. Awards:
Individual Award of the Rector of the University of Economics in Wroclaw:
– First level degree, five times (for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)
– Second level degree, four times (for 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006)
8. Citations and H-index
Cited in the scientific journals in the country (more than 150 times)
Cited in the scientific journals abroad and other than in Polish language (over 20 times), including 14 times in refered journals featured in the Journal Citation Reports and Scopus)
According to Gogle Scholar / Publish or Perish data, Citation indices since 2008, are (6 JUN 2013 data): Citations = 3367, h-index = 19, i10-index = 20, but Publish or Perish index not only refered journals but also "junk internet publications" with no scientific value. For that reason, I rather calculate bibliometric indices myself ( http://michalskig.com/indeksH.pdf ), and for 2012 JAN 16, I had H-number = 6, with 153 citations witout selfcitations.